Your Chance To Shine

There are alternatives to the toxic fuels that the world's poorest have to endure.

There are alternatives to the toxic fuels that the world’s poorest have to endure.

There’s many ways to help those without access to electricity protect their health from the grimy fumes of indoor lighting and cooking. Our goal is to show those in need one way to stop using traditional fuels like kerosene and dung by switching to solar lights, which are cheaper and way, way less toxic. We’re doing this by creating a series of animated public-service announcements called The Solar Campaign that when finished will be broadcast in the poorest countries.

We’ve started a Kickstarter project for the Solar Campaign to raise funds to get these cartoon spots translated into multiple languages and on multiple communications platforms. Please visit our effort and see how your donation can bring light and hope to hundreds of millions of people across the globe.


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